Project Report for Infrastructure Development among Government School’s in Kota District.


Director’s Note

The name „Vibrant‟ is an inspiration for all of us, resonating our extraordinary commitment to the larger community. „Connecting aspirations‟- the company promise of connects this purpose to the fullest. It stands for the bigger vision, beyond the core requirement of running the business sustainable. Vibrant believes in serving more what it take from the society.
What could be a better reflection of this commitment than seeing our colleagues go an extra mile to participate in relief and rehabilitation measures, moving „out of comfort‟ zones to provide comfort to the neediest ones and volunteering passionately to the Welfare activities. CSR is not just a word but an integral part of Vibrant‟s DNA. It feels proud to lead an organization where people live and breed such philosophy.

Our actions also followed our intent, of making a definite impact on the long-term value for the community we serve. For instance, In the period 2015-2018, we touched almost 25 schools across the identified areas. We streamlined our approach to bring speed and agility in our programs delivery. To make the process inclusive, we sough

t feedback from community members, collaborated with institutions / agencies working at the grass root level and the extended corporate ecosystem.

A step change was introduced in 2015, when we as responsible corporate citizens, aligned our CSR strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals which are in line with the community basic needs. Let Us recap the years gone by with some of the
highlights on the pillars established at Vibrant Academy on account of CSR. Our Infrastructure development initiative “PRAGUNAYAT” which aims to develop the solid infrastructure base for the schools which serve the utility in long run to the students .to government school‟s students and provided preventive/ curative health
services, covering 2,810 children for better health services.


Why we do it ?

  • We join hands with the administration to spread welfare among the all areas.
  • We send our CSR team to analyse the need and problems of the school’s nearby areas.
  • Due consideration of the problems and solutions we prepare our project to overcome the same by taking initiatives in all possible areas.
  • As a responsible corporate of the community we have to consider this matter very seriously and take the necessary steps to overcome.
  • We are running several projects simultaneously in all needed areas.


Our Strategy

  • Our strategic target at this time to develop the infrastructure for the schools which are in need
  • Collaborate and develop social responsibility awareness among community by implementing various welfare activities directly and by partner institutions (Education Administration etc., social activist)

Press release in previous years (on sample basis)


What We are Planning for F. Y . 2019-2020 (Project Details)