Kota, situated on the banks of rivers ‘Chambal’ initially the part of Rajput kingdom of bundi.

But now it has virtually become “coaching factory” churning out hundreds of IITians or medical aspirants every year. Kota draws thousands of students from all over the country with hope of selection in the most prestigious institutes of the country irrespective fields.

So, students think about his selection and career and come to Kota.

All this is quite exciting but at first difficult too as the student has to leave his home, his luxurious life, his family, his friends and have to live alone in a hostel or as a P.G. At first everyone feels lonely, sad, depressed but as the time passes we get used to the surrounding like weather, food, water and the loneliness.

Student finds it difficult to live his own life on his own, like getting up early in the morning, washing clothes on his own, maintaining room etc. But though having all this hurdles, the student is thinking and IIT/AIIMS and his family concentrates on study.

Just while walking on roads he sees’s big banners or hoardings of toppers of competitive exams like JEE or NEET thinks that one day my photo will be there on this hoarding.

For all this he had joined a professional coaching institute by giving a huge amount of fee. And every year lakhs of students by doing this makes Kota ‘The Kota Factory’. The story of coaching’s written or initiated by Mr.V.K bansal in 1985. V.K bansal an engineer employed in the city based J.K synthesis ltd in 1971, set up Bansal class that subsequently turned into Bansal Classes Pvt Ltd, today having 16-18 centre’s country wide.

Almost two lakh students come to kota with the hope of selection but no. of seats in IIT’s and NIT’s or AIIMS is much less than the figure of students coming to kota. Competition is extremely tough. But though everyone has a hope of selection.

Every student eye’s have a different bright shine face has a seriousness attitude has a determination and has hard work in habit. He perfectly uses facilities like guides, doubt counters, time experienced faculties, material like DPP or sheet etc. and the good students know that attending the classes regularly is very important to reach the final destination.

But sometimes, students get distracted and start wrong practices, this should not happen.

Here, knowing your work is very important, but knowing that why are you working is extremely important to the one who knows why is he in kota has no chance of distraction.

Some parents are afraid of sending their child to Kota thinking that will he be able to live alone, will he be able to concentrate or will he get distracted, will he be secured there?

All this is genuine, but Kota is quite secured and good place for studying, every institute has highly qualified faculties working hard for children medical department, yoga department etc. And every hostel and institute gives its best to the student.

Kota is a city which attracts lakhs of students every year in the form of raw material and processes the best one into diamonds.

This was about the heart of Kota.

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