7 Things to Think About the Night Before an Exam

The day before the exam is very important. On this day, the student goes through different mind conditions. Each student is in a state of uncertainty as to what questions will come in the exam. Every student tries to prepare himself best for that critical situation.

  1. Positive Imagery

Spend some time visualizing  a positive exam experience. This will increase your confidence, help with nerves and enhance your mood.

  1. Your Best Performance

Think about a previous good performance. What helped you do well that time and how you will apply that tomorrow?

  1. Your Preparation

Boost your confidence by reminding yourself of how well you have prepared and how much revision you have done.

  1. Focus on You

Focus on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others as this will make you feel stressed. Instead, focus on what you can control.

  1. The Challenge

If you see the exam as a threat, it will make you stressed. View the exam as an opportunity or as a challenge. This will make you feel better.

  1. Overcoming Setbacks

Remind yourself how you overcame previous setbacks. This will help you deal with future challenges and build mental resilience.

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps improve creativity, problem solving. concentration and memory. This is more important than last minute cramming.