“I have decided to stick to love…..Hate is too great a burden to bear”

Said by Martin Luther king

Following this great thought India had tried its best not to list china as an enemy. But our efforts are fruitless. China yet again delivered good news to the apparently ailing Masood Azhar and his nearly bankrupt host, Pakistan. Exploring twitter, calls for enmass boycott of Chinese goods are however silly, why I will be explaining. Before that look at these three reality checks.

  • Totalitarian don’t care: There’s been shock and surprise here that china ignored every other major country and stuck by the global terrorist training hub aka Pakistan. Moreover china has put a million of its higher citizens in‘re-education’ camps basically imprisonment. Beijing is massively upping its surveillance of other Chinese citizens, also developing what it calls a “social credit” system a diabolic (devil like) monitoring of every citizens ‘behavior’ Those found ‘badly behaved’ will be punished. Surely this is enough to figure out always expect the worst from china.


  • Beijing’s Islamabad bet is bigger than we think: At least some Indians tweeted angrily after china’s UNSC technical hold on the Azhar resolution recognizes china’s deep involvement in Pakistan. But Beijing’s Islamabad bet is even bigger than protecting its investment assets. I ‘am dropping this link for some more details (https://bitely/2TPqoRa) Also Pak military is increasingly using Chinese operational platforms on land, sea and air. And in many cases, Pak is the first customer for china’s military hardware. This means china’s self-interest in making POK feel powerful is entirely interwoven with its fundamental ambition to become one of the world’s top arms manufacturers and exporters. For Beijing, therefore branding Azhar a terrorist is a high cost option with no countervailing benefits.


  • India just got less competitive against china: Twitter nationalists calling for boycott of Chinese goods should download a report by the parliamentary standing committee on commerce submitted in July 2018. You will find how deeply Chinese imports goods of cheap and low quality, are altering Indians industrial landscape. This causes inevitable destruction of India’s mall and medium manufacturers and consequent unemployment. On the other hand cheap Chinese goods keep prices down and there’s no way to avoid a nasty price effect as-well-as supply disruption. The gov know this and that’s why official press release merely said “India is working on to reduce its trade imbalance with china”. Also, let’s remember china is a big player in some of India’s success stories, for example, telecom and pharma. China competitively priced telecom infrastructure and its massive manufacturing capacity in the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) the base ingredient for many medicines India produces are crucial for Indian companies in these sectors. On the top of this US and China had came close to finalizing a trade deal, and US had withdrawn some trade benefits from India. MSCI, an American outfit had increased the weight of China’s shares and India’s shares were marked down. So, let’s face it. Given these reality checks mind on Pak and its terror boys?


Option1 – This is to join the west in distrusting huawei, the Chinese telecom manufacturer accused of industrial espionage. Huawei is in the fray to supply 5G telecom equipment in India. Pretty much banned from major western countries in 5G, the Chinese company may now covet Indians market. New Delhi can use Huawei as a bargaining chip or just ban the company from 5G trails.

Option2 – The other option is to get or appear to get closer to Taiwan, which china thinks should be one of its proninees. This of course has to be done with a great deal of finesse. Rules of greater engagement and possible Chinese responses have to be carefully thought through.

In the medium term what will work against china is India sharply upping its economic performance, recreating a manufacturing base, hugely upgraded military etc.

Note: all of this will require for better and focused policy making and now, let’s start immediately by completely dropping ONE illusion: china will ever do what’s right.

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