“We are running short of time, you should hurry up” My father called out as the last set of luggage was put into the car trunk. “ Wouldn’t take long” was the call from my mother, as I stood in front of the temple door which was almost closed, courtesy time being 4 in the morning.

As I rewind a few days of my life, it overflowed with mixed emotions, largely dishearting although 10th boards had just ended, but more so because it was time to off for Kota. The overwhelming grief and anxiety of leaving friends and family had full possession of me. It was as if life, out of nowhere demanded a sacrifice that I barely trusted myself to pull off. It was in that moments of life that I witnessed something exceedingly arduous to put into words, and it takes a whole lot of effort to make it sound compelling. Though I was exhausted, I had this never ending or rather stubborn approach that I would be the one coming out on top of current scenario.

There was a gentle hurthing of leaves as I prayed for strength with all my will. As I opened my eyes, a strong breeze went past me and all of a sudden it felt as if it blew away all the uneasiness! I had a sudden rush of positive vibes that took over and gave me unsurmountable mental clarity and strength. I was suddenly willing to face off the transition.

It has been almost a year and a half since then and I haven’t turned back to that state of mind. At this point in life, its still an enigmatic event to me and how I went through a rough this patch.

We arrive, finally at the junction where we actually acknowledge the undivulged force behind this stimulating experience.

As a student of science, I like the feeling of having the belief that there exists a power beyond all explanations that governs all entirety. When I use the word pray, I give my thoughts a direction towards a force that binds the universe together and makes sure that everything works in tandem. Be HUMAN DNA is very good example to counter a very obvious ideology of occurrence of accidents. The DNA is so complex, that it requires immense level of a quality or ability limited to a certain species, thinking! The probability it being coming into existence out of nowhere, is by all anservative margins, lower than the possibility we are discussing about.

Back to the point what exactly is this unknown force? As we draw references from my experience I can deduce, at my levels of understanding, that this forces nothing less and nothing more than our own burning desires and strong beliefs. That help, will always arrive without fail as long as we constantly live with the belief that we have all it takes to hang on till then! Desires are so strong that their end products are more often than not, unimaginable of all sorts.

The whole objective of writing this down is to resonate perspectives all along, of what all can be possible and to five the readers mind a whole new dimension. Before signing off there’s this all important source of everlasting inspiration-“We are stronger than we’ll ever know”


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