Is kota safe destination for I.I.T JEE and NEET aspirants!

Yes, my dear parents and students.
Educational city kota has been best destination for preparation of I.I.T. JEE and
NEET. Legacy of educational structure of the city is still maintained by its coaching
institutions. It can be evidenced by having a glance over some important features
of coaching institutions of kota.

Kota vibrant academy iit coaching


  • Highly experienced faculties having especialisation in those subjects / topics which
    are part of syllabus of I.I.T. JEE and NEET. They are also well versed with art of
    teaching for these exams.
    * Coaching institutions and hostels provide platform for students to interact one
    another and develop community of promising students.
    * Every coaching institution of Kota also provides : Student helpline, Doctor facility,
    Sathi and CPO (Police Trained Person).
    * Contibution of Vibrant Academy Kota for upliftment of meritorious students
    irrespective of their socio-economic status has been highly appreciated on success
    of its VAJRA scheme among students. VAJRA scheme is fore-runner to develop
    healthy and cheerful state of mind for those students whose parents are feeling
    some economic burden in sending their children kota for preparation of I.I.T. JEE
    and NEET.
    * If state of mind of a student worsens and he / she takes unhappy step then we
    should not outrightly impose responsibility of the unhappy act of the student to
    educational structure of the city. Rather we should go to the root causes which
    have insisted him to take the step.

So, parents must seriously think over some basic points while sending their children
far from homes for preparation of competitive exams.

Kota vibrant academy iit coaching

Children should be given right to choose their career after consultation and
counselling with their parents.
* Studies required to succeed in a competitive exam are not just like school studies
as for these exams student requires right knowledge with analytical understanding
of concerned subjects and application of concepts through regular review tests.
* We must support our children in preparation of competitive exams with those
emotions and affections under which they have grown up and all reports of children
right from preparation to final result of the competitive exam must be accepted