In School there are all open text books, closed minds, teachers grading my essays on Pablo Neruda and king’s man; And never asking me why I scribbled trauma poetry when I was supposed to be Short-Story writer with no reference. Nobody wants to know how the only time, I cared about binary calculator was when I stood on weighing machine, As long as I ace? that one Math test and nobody cares..!!

So if you’re writing suicide notes as long as you are memorizing the Inorganic, if you’re been crying all night as long as you get the Chemical reactions right, if you have been lying on bed all day long with your body frozen, as long as you know Newton’s Law of Motion nobody talks about the aching in your heart .

It’s such a sad, running after IIT’s and writing scholarly articles and telling people you’re read all these books.

I’m sure science experiments are cute and we’re making cool discoveries in space and launching moon missions, even heading towards sun with ADITYAI but honestly the dread of scolding may not serve our lives the best.

“you know what? I don’t want to do this, I cannot to do this. I just pretend to be okay, but I’m not”. So all I did was fear for children memories and smile and smile and 🙂 🙂

Written By – Aditya Pratap Singh Rathore

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